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Established in July 2017, Guangdong Tianji robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianji robot) is a joint venture of Changying precision and Yaskawa motor. The total investment of the company is RMB 100 million, and the registered capital is RMB 50 million.

YASKAWA motor of Japan has advanced technology in the field of industrial robot. Its servo motor and motion controller are in the leading position in the industry, providing strong technical support for Tianji robot.

Changying precision has rich experience in hardware parts production and system integration and application. Relying on precision components and equipment and processing technology, it ensures the quality and stability of Tianji robot products.

Since its establishment, Tianji robot has produced and sold 500 small six axis industrial robots in the second half of 2017 in three months. In the past two years, a series of self-developed products have been released, including Tr8, SR3, sr6 and sr6-500p (IP54). The company adopts a high-quality global supply chain system, ranging from core parts to a screw and a sealing ring. With the protection of Tianji robot industrial cloud platform, the company collects and analyzes the operation data of each robot, and realizes the tracking control of each important part and the guidance and supervision of each operation step. Tianji helps the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry to improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce staff and increase efficiency for customers.

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